General CCSS Resources

  • Achieve the Core - Free Tools, Deep Archive of Articles, Tips from Teachers /
    "The Common Core State Standards are a new set of expectations designed to ensure all students achieve college and career readiness. Forty-six states have now adopted these shared standards so their students can compete and succeed on a world stage. This site is here to provide free, high-quality resources to educators now doing the hard work of implementing these higher standards."
    • Free tools include: learning modules for group or individual professional development; Common Core-aligned replacement lessons for 3rd-5th grade Basal reading series (join the Basal Alignment Project's Edmodo group to access their files); a collection of close reading exemplars (also linked below under CCSS Exemplars); and more.
    Nice touch: you can subscribe to updates (free).

  • Common Core and 21st Century Standards - LiveBinder

    great compendium of Common Core resources
  • Curriculum Corner focuses on CCSS lessons and activities for busy teachers
    "The development of stems from our dream to create a site where busy teachers can go to find current, relevant, meaningful and ready to go lessons and activities that fit their classroom structure and meet these common core standards. This site is intended to always be a work in progress as new trends or ideas in instruction develop. The focus for this site is the primary grades with an emphasis on first and second grade, but we have future plans for an intermediate site (summer 2013!) and have just started www.thecurriculumcornerfamily.comfor busy families and early learning teachers!"

  • Hunt Institute channel on YouTube

    This YouTube channel, created by the Hunt Institute, hosts over 30 videos about the development, design, and hallmarks of the Common Core Standards. Four of the contributing authors of the standards -- David Coleman, Bill McCallum, Susan Pimentel, and Jason Zimba -- are featured.
  • National Math + Science Initiative - Open Common Core Resources

    "The tools you need to prepare for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the upcoming Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments are now available to all educators.
    These free resources help implement the CCSS in your state and provide you with specific information to prepare teachers to equip students with the tools they’ll need to be successful on the PARCC assessments."
    • Instructional Resources (e.g., Using literary and informational texts, moving from single to multiple standards in mathematic instruction, science and social studies literacy, etc.,)
    • Leadership (e.g., Administrator resources, state updates, etc.,)
    • Diverse Student Populations (e.g., Strategies for English Language Learners and Gifted and Talented Students, Testing Accommodations for students with disabilities, etc.,)
    • PARCC Updates (e.g., Assessment and implementation)
    • Curricular Tools (e.g., Model Content Frameworks, Tri-State Rubric, etc.)

  • Rolling Out the CCSS
    This blog aggregates a wide variety of resources on Common Core from a teacher's perspective. Linked from the Diocese of Orlando Office of Schools website.
    • The Wednesday, Feb.6, 2013, blog has links to CCSS checklists for grades K-6, as published by the Curriculum Corner (above) but much harder to find on that site. Each checklist is based on an anchor standard and indicators.

  • Teaching Channel: Videos, Lesson Plans and Other Resources for Teachers

    "Confused about Common Core?Watch teachers already practicing the new Common Core State Standards. . . and doing it well.Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- online and on TV -- of inspired and effective teaching practices."
    • Here's a video showing a teacher who has posted the CCSS for her lesson AND has her students get out their own copy of the standards at the beginning of the lesson. Posted on the whiteboard: standards; "get out your copy of the standards"; agenda; homework." At the end of her lesson, this teacher's exit ticket is a rubric that the students quickly fill out, grading her on how well she taught the posted standard.
  • Rolling Out the CCSS
    This blog aggregates a wide variety of resources on Common Core from a teacher's perspective. Linked from the Diocese of Orlando Office of Schools website.
    • The Wednesday, Feb.6, 2013, blog has links to CCSS checklists for grades K-6, as published by the Curriculum Corner (above) but much harder to find on that site. Each checklist is based on an anchor standard and indicators.

CCSS Math Resources

  • Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

    Recommended by Dr. Flanigan, Office of Schools, Orlando Florida Diocese, who pointed out:
    • Each mathematical practice standard is clearly explained and describes a general “what to look for” in the classroom observation. This would be invaluable for principals’ walk-throughs.
    • For each standard, there is an explanation and a video of this standard in practice.

    From the site: "Inside Mathematics has worked closely with mathematics education leaders involved in the creation of the national Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to align the resources of this site with the national standards for mathematical practice. Our goal is to guide and support educators in learning the Common Core framework and related it to teaching practice and students’ learning."

CCSS Language Resources

  • InnovatiVocab - home - Build Transferable Vocabulary Skills

    InnovatiVocab is a wiki that presents a collection of technology resources designed to support the Common Core for Literacy, specifically around Language Standards and the 6th Shift for the ELA standards. For students to constantly build transferable vocabulary, they need to access grade-level complex texts. This can be done effectively by spiraling like content in increasingly complex texts. On the InnovatiVocab site, you’ll find links to a Common Core video series as well as resources that outline and describe in detail the six instructional shifts needed to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in ELA/Literacy and the six shifts needed to implement them in Mathematics. In addition, a critical component of a students’ success in school depends on what and how students learn at home. A practical, freely downloadable guide provides steps that parents can take to improve their children’s learning in line with the Common Core.

  • ReadWorks

    1,000 non-fiction reading passages, lexile leveled, with research-based question sets. Free registration with unlimited access to reading passages and lessons. Emphasis on higher-order thinking skills. Skill and strategy units are K-6th grade. Novel units for 5th and 6th grades. Section on "Teaching the Lessons" provides step-by-step instruction for the teacher, including a video tour of the lessons.
    All ReadWorks lessons are aligned to:
    • Common Core State Standards
    • ELA standards for all 50 states
    • Leading Reading Programs

    • test

CCSS Religion & Catholic Identity Resources

  • CCCII Overview - Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative

    A national working group has begun the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII) to develop and disseminate resources and guidelines to assist Catholic elementary and secondary schoolsin integrating elements of Catholic identity (Catholic values, Scripture, Church social teachings, encyclicals, etc.) into curriculum and instruction based on the Common Core State Standards.
    • The initial phase of CCCII focuses on K-8 English/Language Arts/ Literacy. Resources for other subjects and for 9-12 curriculum will be developed in later phases.
    • The Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative has two goals:
      • to empower Catholic schools and dioceses to design and direct the implementation of the Common Core standards within the culture and context of a Catholic school curriculum
      • to infuse the Common Core standards with the faith/principles/values/social justice themes inherent in the mission and Catholic identity of the school.

CCSS Assessments - Rubrics

CCSS Exemplars

  • Common Core State Standards - Samples of Texts, Tasks, & Writing
    Oregon's Department of Education has extracted exemplars from the CCSS appendixes and arranged them by grade. Excellent resource.
  • Achieve the Core's exemplars
    "Each of these exemplars features the following: readings tasks in which students are asked to read and reread passages and respond to a series of text dependent questions; vocabulary and syntax tasks which linger over noteworthy or challenging words and phrases; discussion tasks in which students are prompted to use text evidence and refine their thinking; and writing tasks that assess student understanding of the text." Currently included: grades 3-8.