Tips for Using Typical Classroom Technology

General Information

Document Cameras (aka Elmos)

Classroom Uses for a document camera
These ideas come from an elementary teacher and his colleagues - very adaptable for for most K-12 classrooms, and higher education as well.

50 Plus Ideas for Using a Document Camera in the Classroom
Covers the gamut from "why use it" to specific uses in elementary, middle, and high schools. The ideas list is also available as a downloadable and printable pdf file.

AVerMedia forum on using document cameras
AVerMedia's forum is a great place to get real-life examples of document camera being used in the classroom - they also give away a document camera every month to someone who has posted in the forum!

AVerMedia classroom applications
Direct links to lesson plans.

Make your own document camera
Yes, you can assemble your own document camera for a lower-cost alternative to the commercial "Elmos". Here are a couple of options.

Data Projectors

Overhead Projectors

Smartboards (aka Interactive WhiteBoards)

Ideas and neat downloads

Using an iPad (or even a Windows-based tablet or laptop) to make a regular whiteboard act like a IWB
This is similar to using a wireless interactive tablet (aka Mobi) - as described in its own section, below - but you get to see on the device you're holding what you are projecting on the screen or whiteboard!

Other alternatives to Interactive WhiteBoards
"Since Johnny Chung Lee came up with his program, (…and video!) in 2007, the wii whiteboard community has been growing, and new tools popping up all the time. This article will try to paraphrase these events, and let you know the basic facts behind a very exciting invention that means you can have your own portable interactive whiteboard on an English teacher’s salary…"

Personal (or "Student") Response Systems (aka Clickers)

Clickers and Classroom Dynamics - an overview plus tips on using clickers

Learning by Clicker explores some of the "best practices" in using these devices

Low-tech alternatives to clickers
Some very simple ways to poll students for opinions and knowledge

Socrative | How It Works
Free response system using any web accessible device

Wireless Interactive Tablets or Slates (aka Mobi)

These are dedicated tablets that can interact with the computer that they are wirelessly connected to. What's on that computer's monitor can then be projected on a screen or whiteboard using your room's data projector. To use a general-purpose tablet, laptop or iPad to control another computer for the same purpose, see the section (above) on Smartboards, subsection "Using an iPad".